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Chairmans Message

Dear Visitor,

On behalf of Kanyaka Bank, I extend heartiest welcome to you at our official website which is designed to assist you in enjoying services being offered by Kanyaka Bank. Hope you enjoy and get benefited from it.

As Chairman of the bank, I wish to assure you that we are committed to offer delightful banking experience to all of our regular or even casual clients. We try to compete with our past performance and constantly try to upgrade our products and services, systems and procedures. We most heartily welcome any suggestions coming our way from our customers and any member of the public. So, in case, you wish to say something about us, please feel free to share with us.

On behalf of all the members of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you all for the faith & trust you have reposed in the bank all these years. Our Members of the Board of Directors are enriched with varied experience in finance, technology & business development. Your whole hearted co-operation & firm support which you have rendered has helped us a lot. We do accept that your contribution in the progress achieved by our bank is precious. We always wish for prosperity of our customers.

As Indian economy & financial sector has witnessed uncertainty. So far Bank has overcome these obstacles, has kept an eye on the set goals and confidently marched forward. The unstinted patronage of the customers has inspired us to accept challenges, adjust to dynamic changes in economy & keep pace with changing times. It’s a constant process to appreciate the needs & requirements of our customers and endeavour to implement latest technology to cater to their need.

We are not only continually expanding our branch network but our range of products and services also. We plan to introduce few most important services as like internet and mobile banking which will empower you to transact from the comfort of your home / office. Please leave your email id or mobile number so that we may inform you when these services are available to you.

Happy surfing,
Dr.Vijay S Ainchwar